Conditions of Participation

General Terms and Conditions of “ALLIANZ GIFBACK POSES” Competition

Rules and regulations for participants:

  1. Participants must be over 18 years of age to be eligible to register and take part in the “ALLIANZ GIFPACK POSES” Competition. In addition, participants must consent to the use of personal data. Further, the consent by the legal representative to this General Terms and Conditions is required.
  2. The participation in the Competition is only possible online within Facebook.
  3. The period for the registrations starts on August, the 4th 2016 at 12 am CET and ends on September, the 2nd 2016 at 12 pm CET.
  4. All people over 18 years of age on August, the 4th 2016 are allowed to take part in the Competition, to take part via posting content with #GIFBACK, if required with the consent of their legal representatives and consent to this General Terms and Conditions on the Competition. Participating without the legal consent of the legal representative, if required, will be regarded as inapplicable.
  5. No purchase is necessary for the participation.
  6. More than one registration per person can be taken into account for the competition. Though Allianz retains the right to change, supplement, or cancel the Competition if the impression arises that attempts are being made to submit several automated registrations or to have any other disruptive influence on the Competition.
  7. The employees of cemano Communication GmbH, Ogilvy & Mather Germany GmbH, The Social Partners and its branches, Allianz, Mondial Assistance their family members, as well as persons living in the same household as these employees are neither entitled to take part in nor to win the Competition.
  8. The 5 winners of the “ALLIANZ GIFBACK POSES” competition will be selected by Allianz from all qualifying entries received.
  9. Each winner will be notified at the latest on September 11th by The Social Partners via Email.
    The winner will be requested to answer the message and answer within one week from the day of receipt. Should a selected winner not be eligible to participate and/or not reply to the notification about the win in good time, another winner will be determined as a replacement.
  10. The decision with regard to the winners is final. Legal remedies are excluded. Should disputes arise regarding the identity of a participant; these disputes will be decided in favor of the owner of the Facebook account which was used to post content including #GIFBACK for the competition for winning the signed FCB jerseys. If the winner sends incorrect information making any further contact to him impossible, he will lose any prizes.


  1. The 5 winners of the competition will each receive one FC Barcelona jersey signed by 5 FC Barcelona players.
  2. Through all submission for the VIP Barça trip, Allianz SE gives 2 winners the chance to participate in the Allianz Barça Days in Barcelona and to win a four-day trip to Barcelona including transfer to the accommodation at the destination (4-star-hotel) and local transportation. Event will take place end of October/beginning of November (tbc./tbd.)
  3. Since the Allianz Barça Days is a social group event, Allianz SE retains the right to exclude a participant from the event or parts of the camp in the case of grace misconduct.
  4. The prize cannot be paid out in cash.
  5. The chances of winning depend on the number of submissions and the quality of content sent in.

Competition procedure:

  1. Sponsor of the Competition is Allianz SE, Königinstr. 28, 80802 Munich, Germany. You can contact the responsible clerk on the following telephone number: + 49 (0) 89 38 00 - 0. Email:
  2. Allianz SE and the respective subsidiaries and branches of Allianz SE are not responsible and assume no liability for lost, misdirected or late submissions or for (i) electronic transmission errors, (ii) theft, destruction, change of or unauthorized access to submissions, (iii) technical problems, malfunctions or errors in the operation of any hardware or software which are necessary for the transmission of submissions or the planned Competition procedure, including computer viruses and bugs, or for manipulations, unauthorized access, scams, overload of the Internet or a website or any combinations of these, nor for other causes not subject to the inspection by Allianz SE and the respective subsidiaries and branches of Allianz SE. In case any of the above events occurs, Allianz SE retains the right to take one or several of the following measures according to its sole discretion: to disqualify each person who manipulates the submission or voting procedure as well as to adjust, change, postpone, or cancel the Competition.
    ATTENTION: each attempt to intentionally damage a website or to undermine the legal procedure of the Competition is a breach of provisions under criminal and civil law; in such a case Allianz SE retains the right to demand compensation from the concerned persons using all legal possibilities.

Local legal restrictions:

  1. The Competition is not intended for persons in jurisdictions in which (due to the nationality of the person, his residence, or for other reasons) the publication or availability of this Facebook Page is forbidden. Persons subject to such prohibitions may not participate in the Competition organized by Allianz SE on the Facebook Page.

Retention of rights:

  1. Allianz SE retains the right to change, supplement, add provisions, or remove provisions from these conditions of use.

Jurisdiction, severability clause:

  1. All complaints associated with these terms or this Facebook Page will be held exclusively at courts in Munich, Germany, whereby you are subject to the exclusive responsibility of these courts and moreover confirm that this is hereby an appropriate jurisdiction for you.

In case a provision in these terms is considered to be unenforceable, the effectiveness or feasibility of the remaining terms shall not be affected by this and the unenforceable term shall be replaced by an enforceable term coming closest to the underlying intention of the unenforceable term.

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