Declaration of Consent to Use of Personal Data

In order for you to take part in the “ALLIANZ GIFBACK POSES” competition, we will need to obtain and store some information about you.

You agree that the data you posted, including the #GIFBACK as part of your application to “ALLIANZ GIFBACK POSES” competition, can be collected, stored, and used by Allianz SE for the purpose of running the football competition (this includes a message per Facebook private message to the participants who have won the competition).

In addition, you agree that Allianz SE may share this data with the respective local Allianz Company, who may process this data for the purpose of drawing and notifying the winners.

The data will be processed for the agreed purposes only. The data will not be shared with third parties.

After drawing and informing the winners, all data will be deleted by both participating Allianz companies mentioned above within three months.

You are aware that your data which has been stored for the purpose of participation in the competition can be modified or deleted at any time by notification via email or letter upon request. Requests to modify or delete your data should be sent to the address listed “Contact Data”.

Contact data
If you have any questions or comments about this declaration of consent for the “ALLIANZ GIFBACK POSES” competition, or if you would like us to modify or delete your personal data, please send us an email or write to us at the following address:

Allianz SE
Group Market Management
Königinstraße 28
80802 Munich